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Upload Documents to Unemployment Insurance Division

This form allows claimants and employers to securely upload files to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) division.

In order to properly route your file to the correct department, please answer the following questions:

"Third-party" includes jail facilities, claimant or employer representatives such as CPAs and TPAs, among other groups.

Third Party Reminder
As a CPA or TPA, you may upload documents on behalf of a Colorado Employer, but make certain that you have that employer's FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and Colorado EAN (Employer Account Number) before continuing.
Benefit Accuracy Measurement Team
Please be aware that sending documents to the incorrect department or sending incomplete or missing documents may result in a denial or delay of benefits.

Claimant Reminder
Claimants: If you received a message from MyUI+, please login to your account and respond to that message there. You can upload any necessary forms and/or documents within MyUI+, where they will be routed properly to the correct teams. 
Employer Reminder
Employers: To make sure you are prepared to start your business and have all the required information to ensure you are complying with both state and federal laws and regulations, please review our 'Starting a Business' page here:

If you have already registered your business and you need to submit your application for unemployment insurance, click the 'Submit' button below:
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